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A Day in the Life of a nuyu™ Activity Tracker

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It's your one-stop shop for feeling better and getting a full 360-degree look at your daily activities, but what is the nuyu™ Activity Tracker really doing from second to second?

To get a really good understanding of your healthy helper, take a look at your day from its perspective. Here's the 24-hour breakdown.

A Better Look at Bedtime
The moment your head hits the pillow, your nuyu™ Activity Tracker springs into action, collecting information that will help you rise and shine. The tracker will help record your movements to see what your sleep cycle looks like and judge whether you received a good night's rest or got a poor period of shut-eye. But how does that work?

The Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School noted that your body goes through a series of sleep stages during the course of the night. Gradually, you'll fall into the deepest stage of sleep - called REM (rapid-eye-movement) sleep - where your legs and arms typically won't move at all. Then, you'll begin to drift into lighter stages of sleep, where your arms and legs will move more.

This cycle repeats itself several times during the night, and typically you'll feel the most well-rested if it repeats in even waves. Your activity tracker helps record those movements and judge how effective you slept based on those cycles.

When you haven't gotten a good night's sleep, your nuyu™ Activity Monitor will know it.When you haven't gotten a good night's sleep, your nuyu™ Activity Tracker will know it.

After you wake up and get out of bed, you can immediately check your free nuyu™ Activity Tracker app, which will be wirelessly collecting info from your tracker throughout the day and night. Find out how well you slept and then tackle your morning routine!

Tracking the Morning's Activities
The moment your foot hits the floor, your activity tracker will begin recording your steps. With every activity you perform - from getting the kids up for school to springing into your morning jog - your activity tracker calculates how many steps you're taking and how many calories you're burning as you go. 

Before you kick into high gear, this is the best time to change and set your goals for the day. Go into your nuyu™ Activity Tracker app and update how many miles you want to walk and steps you want to take. Increase both if you're trying to reach a new goal or try lowering them if you know the day ahead will be spent working at a desk for longer than normal.

"Your activity tracker will begin tracking steps the moment your foot hits the floor."

Constantly Updating and Never Stopping
You might take a breather now and then, but your nuyu™ Activity Tracker doesn't take any breaks. It will be tracking your activities and sending the information wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet throughout the day and well into the night. Better yet, it will give you a little update the moment you hit your goal for the day! 

When you're relaxing with a little TV or a movie, your activity tracker  will notice you've stopped for a little "me" time. When you're tearing through the neighborhood with an easy jog, it will mark down the extra effort, too. Even while you're not specifically trying to exercise, perhaps you're running around doing errands or working around the house, the activity tracker will let you know how many calories those little activities burn.

Getting Ready for Tomorrow
And when you're hopping back into bed, your nuyu™ Activity Tracker will be ready and waiting to start all over again! When it recognizes you've stopped moving about, it will begin tracking your sleep schedule like it did the night before. Your activity tracker is your hard working helper. Its day is devoted to tracking your progress and giving you the help you need to reach your healty goals..