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How to Set the Best Goals for Your Well-Being

Your journey to getting up and active and feeling better has to start somewhere. Your mission might start with a look in the mirror, or it could begin with a New Year's resolution. The point is, you're ready to make a change. So, what's the best way to begin?

Track All Your Activity
Every adventure starts with that first step, but there's no telling when that first step starts if you're not keeping track! As soon as you strap on a nuyu™ Activity Tracker, you can start seamlessly recording your activity and decide what an appropriate goal is. That's the best way to set a goal and see it through because:

  • You'll have a realistic idea of what you're capable of compared to your daily activity level
  • You can break down your journey into day-to-day steps using your data
  • The tracker provides a complete view of your day's activity
  • You don't have to do it alone anymore.

And getting the complete view is very important. Everything you do - from gardening to walking to cooking - takes energy. You might be surprised by how many calories you burn, and how much closer you get to your goal, while simply working in the kitchen!

What's more, the nuyu™ Activity Tracker records your sleep cycles. Good sleep is a big part of feeling better and refueling for another active day, so it will have a big effect on reaching your goals, too.

Sleeping, exercising, eating - it will all impact your goals, so track it all.Sleeping, exercising, eating - it will all impact your goals, so track it all.

Race Against Yourself
When you're looking at your activity levels, remember that this isn't a competition against anyone else. The only other competitor in this race is your past self, so don't make comparisons between yourself and every other jogger you see. You'll feel great when you realize how much progress you've made no matter how you compare to any other exerciser, so keep an eye on your activity tracker and watch your well-being improve right before your eyes with a great partner!

This is also the best way to set realistic goals. Everyone has a lazy day from time to time, and that's all right. Just focus on taking more steps and going a greater distance than you did last week. Those little steps will turn into big strides that improve how you feel, and you won't lose motivation if you slip up on your active routine once or twice.

Exercise with others but don't stress about comparing progress.Exercise with others but don't stress about comparing progress.

Ask Yourself How you Feel
That's the most important part - improving how you feel. Every goal, whether it's losing weight or sleeping better, is about changing how you feel. Ask yourself what goal will make you feel better. What is it that you want the most when you're challenging yourself? When you've made that progress, reevaluate. You might feel better than you did before, but is the journey over?

It's completely normal for goals to change on a regular basis, so let it happen. Just remember to think back to all the progress you've made thus far, and how much better you feel compared to before.