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The Kids are Headed Back to School: 5 Things to Do With Your Me Time

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No more babysitting on the weekdays! School is almost back in session, and you're about to get a lot of me time back. That can be a lifesaver for some and a recipe for going a little stir crazy for others. Here's the good news: Now is the perfect time to start a fun - and healthy - hobby.

While the kids are at school, you'll have plenty of time for these activities.

1. Walk Around the Neighborhood
Going for a relaxing walk was easy when the kids were in strollers, but those times have come and gone. Now they're a little too big to wheel around. Luckily, you won't have to take them along anymore, and that can open up some fun possibilities.

Get back on your walking schedule and try picking up the pace or exploring some new options. Starting a walking club with some of the other neighborhood parents is a great way to mingle and enjoy yourself. 

Strap on your nuyu™ Activity Monitor and feeling healthy can be a walk in the park!Strap on your nuyu™ Activity Tracker and feeling healthy can be a walk in the park!

2. Go Off the Beaten Path
If you're feeling a little more adventurous, turn the neighborhood walk into an invigorating hike. You'll be surprised how much better a little jaunt around the woods can make you feel. Fresh air, twisting trails and pleasant natural surroundings - there are few things more energizing. Explore some of the trails near your home or visit a park.

3. Get into Gardening
But if you have a real passion for nature, nothing beats cultivating some plants of your own. Try planting some late summer veggies and flowers for the fall harvest. It's high time to plant cabbage, broccoli, carrots or spinach. At the same time, you can plant sunflowers, marigolds and violas for a bright and beautiful garden.

The great thing about gardening - it will help you stay active and put some healthy homegrown grub on your plate later.

Gardening can stay active and eat healthy at the same time.Gardening can help you stay active and eat healthy at the same time.

4. Take a Fitness Class
Sometimes all it takes is one free session at a local gym or studio to get you hooked on a new heart-pumping hobby. You likely have plenty of options close by. Look online for yoga or dance studios in your area. Lots of times these same places offer free introductory courses in hopes that you'll stick around and buy a membership. It's a perfectly stress-free way for a beginner to test out a new hobby without spending any money. That means you can focus on feeling good and enjoying the experience. Plus, you might find yourself signing up for regular classes in the long run. Look for easy-going options like:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Spinning 
  • Dancing.

5. Work Around the House
It's a little late for spring cleaning, but there's always more to do around the house. You might be surprised by the kind of workout a little sweeping and tidying up can be, too. Explore what kind of projects you can start at home. From scrubbing the patio furniture to reorganizing the living room, nothing will make you feel better than giving the home a little upgrade.