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What Makes the nuyu™ Activity Tracker Special?

From its sleek and simple design to its swift and convenient compatibility with a free app, the nuyu™ Activity Tracker is great for many reasons. But what makes it special? How does the nuyu™ Activity Tracker stand out?

Take a look at the facts and features.

Get a Partner in All Things You Do
Making a new you that's more active and simply feels good takes a broad approach. Your activity tracker should be able to help you on every front, and that's exactly what this one is made for! Every moment, from your morning walk to your deep sleep, provides data to the nuyu™ Activity Tracker to help you find out how to look, perform and feel better than ever before. 

More than that, the tracker links to some other helpful tools to track your progress and make every part of your nuyu™ journey simple. With a swipe and a tap, you can link the tracker to the Wireless Scale to gather data about your weight. 

Find a Plan that Works 
Keeping track of all of your activities conveniently can show you exactly how to reach your goals. Everyone needs a little nudge sometimes, and the nuyu™ Activity Tracker can be yours as well as a digital helper to keep you active. 

How many extra steps do you take by using the stairs instead of the elevator? How many calories are you really burning during yoga or that dance class? Now you'll know with just few swipes and taps and all in real time! It's a perfect strategy for finding new things that benefit your health in a big way or see what daily activities are already working to reach a healthier lifestyle.

Your free  nuyu™ Activity Tracker app will update in real time, so check it frequently!Your free nuyu™ Activity Tracker app will update in real time, so check it frequently!

Look at One Simple Platform
And staying on track is incredibly simple. The data taken from the activity tracker is uploaded wirelessly straight to your tablet or smart phone. From there, the numbers are turned into easy to digest charts, graphs and pictures so you don't have to spend any time running the numbers yourself. It's made to make feeling good and staying active fun and easy. The free app - which can be downloaded for iOS here and Android here - will even give you a few positive little reminders when you've reached a goal.

The activity tracker has everything you need available with just a swipe. It's small enough to clip to a shirt or carry in your pocket, but functions with a sleek mini touch screen when you need it to. Scroll through to see the time, the calories you've burned, the distance you've walked and how close you are to achieving your daily goal.

The nuyu™ Activity Tracker takes all the complication out of feeling well, and gives you everything you need to know in one polished little package.