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How Many Calories Are In Your Favorite Holiday Dessert?

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There are so many great things about the holiday season. There are presents to give and get, cookies to bake and eat, and friends and family to see and catch up with. There's so much going on at this time of year that it can be hard to focus on your activity levels. Of course, you can always count on your nuyu™ Activity Tracker to let you know how active you are throughout the day, but how can keep track of the calories you eat?

Holiday desserts aren't something you eat year-round, so it can be a challenge to know exactly how many calories each treat contains. Find your favorite dessert in the list below for an easy calorie-count reference.

Gingerbread Man
A single gingerbread man can have up to 200 calories. You'd need to walk about 50 minutes to burn it off.

Candy Cane
One candy cane contains about 60 calories. That's 15 minutes of walking - not so bad!

Chocolate Truffles
You can never have just one. Two truffles are about 150 calories, which would take 40 minutes of walking to burn off.

Sugar Cookie
A single sugar contains about 220 calories. That's a lot for a little treat. However, a half hour on a bicycle would completely burn off the calories.

This popular Christmas beverage contains about 340 calories per cup. You'd need to walk for an hour and a half to work it off.

Eggnog is a very calorie-rich drink.Eggnog is a very calorie-rich drink.

Hot Chocolate
This drink is a little better than eggnog. A cup of hot chocolate without whipped cream contains about 150 calories.

Red Velvet Cake
Brace yourself. A single slice of delicious red velvet cake amounts to about 550 calories. That's two hours of walking.

Bread Pudding
One slice of bread pudding with caramel drizzle is approximately 350 calories. If you can limit yourself to one slice, this treat might be worth the 90 minutes of walking it takes to burn off.

Pumpkin Pie
It's the tail end of pumpkin pie season, and many people like to get one last slice in before the new year. At nearly 320 calories a slice, it's a fairly average dessert choice.

A small piece of tiramisu is laden with calories.A small piece of tiramisu is laden with calories.

This Italian treat is quite the indulgence. A 2.5-by-3-inch slice contains 600 calories. So, perhaps you'll want to cut it in half so you can still enjoy the delicious flavor!