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Is Holiday Shopping A Good Workout?

It's that time of year again. You've got a long list of friends and family members to shop for and that means rushing around to all the malls looking for the perfect gifts for each person. It can, at times, seem like a huge hassle - unless you look at it in the right light. For some, it may be easier to shop online and get everything sent straight to the recipient's doorstep. But those people are missing out on several great opportunities to burn calories.

Before you leave your house, put on your nuyu™ Activity Tracker so you know exactly how many calories you're burning on your shopping spree. Then hop in your vehicle and head to the mall. When you arrive, park as far away as you can. Not only will this add a lot of steps to your daily count, your vehicle will be less likely to get dinged up in the lot. And when you're walking, be sure to take long, brisk strides to get the most benefit.

Once you've gotten a great workout at the mall, treat yourself to something special.Once you've gotten a great workout at the mall, treat yourself to something special.

Upon arriving at the mall, it's a good idea to do a little stretching. Find a bench and use it to assist you in stretching your hamstrings. Remember, too much strain or overexertion could cause serious pain. The best way to avoid these problems is to properly warm up and stretch before getting into your exercise. In this case, you'll want to stretch your legs, back and arms, as those are the muscles you'll be using the most as you shop. Before buying anything, take a lap around the mall and look out for any good deals. A half hour of brisk walking can burn over 150 calories, and you'll be sure to get much more than that as you look for the best deals on the coolest gifts.

Seeing your friends faces light up when you hand deliver a gift to them is worth all the effort it takes to find the ideal presents. Instead of having your boxes shipped out through the mail, hand deliver them for an extra special touch. Your friends around the neighborhood will be delighted to see you - and all the while you'll get a good cardio workout.

There's a lot of extra calories you're likely taking in this time of year. Be on the lookout for unique opportunities to get a little extra exercise throughout each day. You'll come out of the holiday season feeling fit and comfortable.