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Nutritious Treats To Leave For Santa

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Santa Clause might be known for his belly that resembles a bowl full of jelly, but that doesn't mean it always has to be that way. The simple carbohydrates found in Christmas cookies get used up very quickly or are turned to fat. That's not a great diet for a guy that has to travel around the world in a single night. Instead of giving Santa a decadent treat this year, try leaving out one of these nutritious snacks.

Carrots and Dip
Carrots are full of vitamin A and are beneficial to eye health. This is great for Santa, because he has to do a lot of driving at night. For the dressing, pick out something thick like blue cheese or ranch. It will be a welcome break from sticky-sweet treats. Also, he can share a few of the carrots with his reindeer.

Santa can share his carrots with his reindeer.Santa can share his carrots with his reindeer.

Peanut Butter and Celery
Celery is the perfect snack for anyone trying to lose weight because it actually takes more calories to digest than it provides. It's also a great source of dietary fiber. The peanut butter makes the vegetable a little more appetizing. You can also add a few raisins for an extra bit of flavor.

Fresh Fruit
This is by far the easiest snack to leave for Santa. Grab an assortment of fruit such as grapes, apple slices and pineapple chunks and leave them in a bowl for Old Saint Nick. It'll give him a delicious boost of vitamins and energy to keep him going on his flight across the globe.

Banana Bread
If you still want to bake something for the guy in red but don't want to stick with cookies, consider making a nice loaf of banana bread. It's still a little on the sugary side, but one or two slices won't damage Santa's diet.

Homemade salsa can be very healthy!Homemade salsa can be healthy!

Chips and Salsa
Give Santa a south-of-the-border treat with a small bowl of homemade salsa and some corn tortilla chips. The spiciness will enliven his spirits as he flies around in the cold, and if he spills, the stain will blend in with his coat! By making the salsa at home, you can make sure it's full of good ingredients.

When you're making your snacks for Santa, it's okay to sneak a few bites for yourself. And remember, use your nuyu™ Activity Tracker to keep an eye on your activity levels throughout the day!