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4 Exercises To Help You Look Great In Leggings

Leggings are a surprisingly versatile part of your wardrobe - though most people can agree it's not very fashionable to wear them as pants. Nevertheless, leggings work well with long sweaters, flowing blouses or even a baggy army jacket. However, leggings don't leave much to the imagination, so sometimes it requires a bit of work to feel completely comfortable in them.

This winter, you'll probably add some patterned knit leggings to your outfits when it gets cold. If you want to feel your best, try out some of these awesome lower-body exercises. And don't forget to clip on your nuyu™ Activity Tracker to keep count of how many calories you're burning.

Walking on your toes strengthens your leg muscles.Walking on your toes strengthens your leg muscles.

1. Toe Walking
This is a simple exercise you can do outdoors or from the comfort of your home. Grab a pair of one pound or half-pound dumbbells and stand straight up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the weights down by your sides - without locking your elbows- and stand on your toes. Walk on your toes for a minute, then relax for 30 seconds. Repeat five times.

2. Goblet Squat
This odd-sounding exercise requires a 5-to-8 pound dumbbell with wide ends. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the dumbbell vertically by one end, using the base of your palms. Your hands should be positioned so that they resemble the position of cupping a goblet. Squat as low as you can, hold for a moment, then return to the standing position. Do this eight times, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat.

3. Side Lunge
Stand with your feet placed shoulder-width apart to ensure you don't accidently injure yourself. Lunge to the right, bending your right knee while extending your left leg. Keep your toes pointed forward. Extend your left arm until it touches the floor in front of you. Your right hand should be touching your right hip. Hold the position for a moment, then return to a standing position. Repeat on alternating sides, five times each.

The sun salutation works most of the muscles in your lower body.The sun salutation works most of the muscles in your lower body.

4. Sun Salutation
Here's a yoga pose that really works your upper legs and backside without putting too much strain on your body. This is a great exercise for beginners, especially those who don't have any exercise equipment. Start by standing straight and raising your hands up toward the ceiling. Then bend forward and place your hands on the floor on either side of your feet. Bend your knees slightly and move your legs backward until you are in the downward-facing dog position. Lower your legs and push your chest upward, then slowly return to a standing position.

This article is for editorial purposes only. Always consult a doctor before beginning a new exercise regimen.