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8 Fun Fitness-themed Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner. Do you have your costume picked out yet? Trick-or-treating is a great time to increase your step count, so be sure to wear your nuyu™ Activity Tracker. But how can you incorporate the device into your costume? Take a look at these awesome fitness-themed costume ideas.

1. Marathon Runner
This one is both easy and motivating. All you need is a pair of running shorts, a comfortable shirt, a running number and a pair of good shoes. This costume can really show off your nuyu™ Activity Tracker as well. Let people know that your outfit might be a costume, but your commitment to staying active is very real.

2. Tour de France Cyclist
Do you like to bicycle? Strap on your helmet and workout gear and get ready to take a lap around the neighborhood. You may not want to bring your actual bicycle - though it would help you cover more ground as you go after those Halloween treats.

Think you'll look this cute in a banana costume?Think you'll look this cute in a banana costume?

3. A Banana
Remind everyone that candy isn't the only sweet treat on the block. Fruit is just as delicious and way healthier. Your entire family can be different types of fruit. Everyone can pick their favorite.

4. The Olympic Torch
Want to really stand out on Halloween night? All you need for this costume is a sheet covering your body - careful you don't trip! - some yellow face paint and some LED lights on your head. The Summer Olympics are only half a year away, so now's the perfect time to start the hype.

5. Fitness Ghost
Ghosts typically don't weigh much - they're as light as a feather. But that doesn't mean they can't stay active. Cut some eye and mouth holes in an old sheet and secure it in place with a fitness headband. You'll be staying in scary good shape.

6. Grain Zombie
What does a healthy zombie like to eat? Grains! Forgo the blood and make your version of a zombie one that would rather eat whole wheat. Even the undead need to stay active.

7. Vampire Hunter
Did you know that garlic is good for you? Keep the vampires at bay with a necklace made of garlic bulbs. Although, you might also keep your friends at an arm's length as well.

A symbol of health and justice.A symbol of health and justice.

8. Pyramid Man/woman
What's a better superhero symbol than the food pyramid? It's easy to convert a regular superhero costume into the outfit of a hero that fights crime and cholesterol.