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How Do Steps Add Up?

When walking at a brisk pace, the average person burns between 70 and 90 calories for every mile walked, or about 2000 steps. Burning calories can be a great motivation to stay active, but it's not very fun to have to count calories every time you go for a walk. A great way to stay engaged is to compare your distances with those of far off and fantastic places. Imagine yourself traversing the length of the Great Wall of China or across Route 66 - all without leaving your neighborhood. Add up each day's count to see how far you've traveled.

The nuyu™app allows you to look back at the number of steps you took each day.The nuyu™ app allows you to look back at the number of steps you took each day.

Top Ten Goals
From shortest to longest, these 10 goals will keep you looking forward as you stay active by walking every day. How do your totals compare? 

  • The English Channel: The distance between England and France is a mere 20.6 miles. After four days of walking 10,000 steps per day, you would have crossed this watery border.
  • The Length of Rhode Island: The nation's smallest state is only 48 miles long. You would need about 10 active walking days to get from from Millville, MA, to Charlestown, RI.
  • Death Valley: The driest, hottest place in America is 140 miles across. Think you could brave the heat?
  • The Length of Alaska: North to south, the biggest state in the U.S. is 1,420 miles of cold, bleak landscape. If you stay active for 284 days out of the year, you would have walked the equivalent of this great distance.
  • Milan to Minsk: This lengthy jaunt takes you from northern Italy, through Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland into Belarus. At 1,184 miles, it's quite the journey.
  • Route 66: Get your kicks on this classic American highway. Of course, it's probably better to drive across the real one, but you can simulate the distance by regularly staying active for 490 days. That's 2,451 miles.
  • Length of the Amazon River: The longest river in the world stretches 4,000 miles. It winds through lush jungles and bypasses vibrant South American cities. In 800 days, you too could travel that same distance. That's just over two years of healthy activity.
  • The Great Wall of China: This wonder of the ancient world is 5,500 miles long. Every day you walk is a few more steps toward traveling the equivalent of this magnificent structure. Three years worth of 10,000-step days would get you from one end of the wall to the other.
  • The Circumference of the Earth: This is the big goal. Our planet is 24,901 miles across its middle. It would take 13.6 years of active walking to equal this distance. However, a lifetime of healthy active will equal this length many times over - so stick with it and hit those goals one step at a time.