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How To Burn Off Those Halloween Calories

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It's okay to indulge in a sweet treat every now and again. But when it comes to Halloween, there's so much candy around the house that it can be a little overwhelming. Do you know how many calories are in the average piece of candy? And how many steps would it take to burn them off? Your nuyu™ Activity Tracker can help you measure the number of calories you burn each day. Keep hitting your goals, even during the beginning of this sweet-filled holiday season.

A few pieces of candy every now and again won't ruin your active lifestyle.A few pieces of candy every now and again won't ruin your active lifestyle.

Candy Calories
Most Halloween candy comes in smaller sizes than normal, making it a little easier to portion out your indulgences. Here's a quick guide to some of the popular candies.

  • Chocolate bar. A typical serving of small chocolate candies is three bars, which contain 190 calories. That typically takes the average person about 1,000 steps to burn off.
  • Peanut butter cup. Each cup is about 80 calories, which means you would need to walk an estimated 500 steps for each one you have.
  • Candy corn. Roughly 19 pieces of candy corn equals one serving, which contains 140 calories and 32 grams of sugar. You'd need to walk about 700 steps to burn off one serving, or 37 steps per candy kernel. For comparison, 1 cup of actual corn contains about 600 calories and only 1 gram of sugar.
  • Salt water taffy. Each piece of taffy is only 30 calories, which you can burn off in as few as 150 steps.
  • Almond chocolate bar. A serving of  three almond chocolate bars is 240 calories. You would have to walk an estimated 1,200 steps burn them off.
  • Red licorice. A serving of  four pieces of strawberry flavored licorice has 160 calories, which you could burn in about 800 steps.
  • Hard candy. Three pieces of fruit-flavored candy contain 70 calories. Walking around 350 steps would burn them off quickly. An actual piece of fruit, such as an entire apple, has only 90 calories on average and is much more nutritious.
Always indulge in sugary treats with moderation.Always indulge in sugary treats with moderation.

Staying Active
Halloween marks the beginning of a decadent holiday season. Starting at the end of October, the weather will get colder, driving people indoors to the comfort of hot drinks and sugary desserts. Keep walking off those calories and you'll emerge from the winter season with a body you feel comfortable in. Don't let a few pieces of sugary candy stand in the way of you and your goals.