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Stay Safe While Staying Active This Halloween

Halloween may be all about grabbing some sugary snacks, but that doesn't mean your healthy living regimen should be thrown out the window. Trick-or-treating is really just going for a long walk, when you look at it in the right light. Don't forget to clip your nuyu™ Activity Tracker to your costume before heading out for the night.

Plan your route out in advance so you don't get lost.Plan your route out in advance so you don't get lost.

Route Planning
Before you go out with your kids, sit down and plan out your route. If you skip this step, you could find yourself wandering down a dead-end, having to use up valuable time to retrace your steps. The best way to plan a route is to look up a map of your neighborhood on the Internet and see if you can travel in a circle. By going around the long way, you not only get more steps, but you don't have to worry about accidentally stopping at the same house twice. Be sure to involve your children in this process - you don't want to overshadow their fun with your activity goals. The two ideas should work together.

Use the route-planning phase of the day as a teaching opportunity. Help your children learn more about the neighborhood and explain the importance of staying fit and not eating too much candy at one time. If you can, get the other parents in the neighborhood to join in. It could be a great community-building activity.

Staying active and staying safe go hand in hand.Being active and staying safe go hand-in-hand.

Staying Safe
Once you've got your route planned, your spooky makeup on and your costume in place, take a moment to consider the safety concerns before going outside. Have a plan of action in case someone gets separated. This is why involving your kids in the route plan is such a good idea - if they get lost, they'll have a better idea of how to get home. Consider bringing cell phones along so you can communicate easily.

Having some form of portable lighting is a must. Children should don at least one blinking light on them, especially if they're wearing a dark costume. It's also a good idea to carry a flashlight - you can't always rely on a full moon and streetlights to light your way. Lastly, make sure everyone is wearing comfortable shoes. You'll be doing a lot walking on Halloween night, and you don't want a hurt foot to stop the fun. Stay active and safe this holiday, and try not to eat too much candy!