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The Best Ways to Burn Those Thanksgiving Calories

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Thanksgiving dinner is the big one, the meal that can destroy diets in one fell swoop. Many people make exceptions for the meal, saying they'll make up for it later by working out extra hard at the gym. But how many of those people actually fulfill that promise to themselves? Of course, there's no harm in the occasional indulgence. After all, what would life be without the yearly celebration of friends, family and food? So this Thanksgiving, enjoy yourself, then get active.

White meat has fewer calories and less fat than dark meat.White meat has fewer calories and less fat than dark meat.

Thanksgiving Calorie Count
A serving of turkey is generally considered to be 3.5 ounces and has the thickness of a deck of cards. A serving of breast meat has around 200 calories while the same amount of dark meat typically has around 230 calories. That might not seem like much of a difference, but it should also be pointed out that dark meat has nearly double the amount of fat.

Turkey isn't served by itself, of course. One cup of mashed potatoes is also 200 calories on average, and the cup of gravy that covers them is an additional 60 calories. Already the meal is over 500 calories and not all of the typical sides have been accounted for. One slice of cranberry sauce adds another 90 calories, a cup of green bean casserole is 110 calories, a single dinner roll without butter is nearly 90 calories and one slice of pumpkin pie is about 320 calories.

Listed above is a relatively small Thanksgiving meal and yet it still equals nearly 1000 calories. It's going to take a bit of activity to burn that off.

Walking, jogging or running, they're all great ways to burn calories.Walking, jogging or running - they're all great ways to burn calories.

Post-Thanksgiving Exercise
Right after the meal, it's probably better to relax and take it easy. Any vigorous activity after such a heavy meal is bound to make you sick. The next day, however, is a great time to be active. There's going to be Thanksgiving leftovers around and those will add even more calories to your diet. It's best to start your activities slow, like with a relaxing hour of yoga. The hour of stretching poses will only burn about 200 calories, but it will prepare your body for something a little more intense.

Next, consider clipping on your nuyu™ Activity Tracker and going for a walk. By walking about 2500 steps, you should be able to burn off most of the turkey, potatoes and gravy. From there on out it's a snap - a little cardio and it'll be like that indulgent dinner never happened - for your body anyway. You'll still have all the great memories of good food and friends.