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How to Spot a nuyu™ Activity Tracker

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The nuyu™ Activity Tracker is more than just a tool to keep track of your daily fitness level. It's what you need to get a 360-degree view of what you can do to look and feel better. You may not know it yet, but that info can do a lot to change your attitude. 

Take a closer look at any nuyu™ Activity Tracker and you'll start to notice a few interesting things. 

Getting on the Move
Lots of people don't enjoy taking those first few steps out of bed in the morning. Others dislike any time they have to break away from a comfortable position. If you've ever let out a sigh because the TV remote is all the way across the room, you know the feeling. Everyone has those days, but the nuyu™ crowd tends to experience them a lot less.

That's because every step you take with a nuyu™ Activity Tracker is one step closer to your daily goal and one step closer to feeling better. The tracker lets you know exactly how much moving around you've done during the day and will give you an encouraging little message when you hit a milestone. That's enough to turn any errand or stroll across the room into a fun part of the day. You won't hear any nuyu™ Activity Trackers let out a sigh when they get moving. They're happy to meet any challenge.

Don't be surprised if a nuyu Activity Tracker motivates you to pursue some active hobbies.Don't be surprised if a nuyu™ Activity Tracker motivates you to pursue some active hobbies.

Feeling Well-rested
That goes double for the biggest challenge of the day - getting out of bed. Sleep is an incredibly important part of your life. It affects everything from your mood to your health to your daily performance. For how critical it is, you'd think more people would develop an effective sleep tactic. It's not that simple. Effective sleep takes more than the right amount of time in bed. You need to be getting some quality shut eye, too, but that can be tricky to measure.

The nuyu™ crowd has it down to a science, though - literally. The nuyu™ Activity Tracker measures your sleep cycle every night and turns the data into a helpful little chart that can help you find what's working and what's not.