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The 6 Best Halloween Candy Substitutes

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An active lifestyle is more fun when you can share it with the ones you love, including your kids. Trick-or-treating is a fun way to up your daily step count - but all of that activity could be offset by the sugary treats you get along the way. This is the perfect opportunity to instill good eating habits in your children.

Your nuyu™ Activity Tracker can help you stay active and reach your goals, but how can you help your children stay healthy while also enjoying the holiday?

Here are the six of the best substitutes for sugary Halloween candy:

1. Dried Fruit
This option is perfect because dried fruit tastes just like candy. If your child is the proud owner of a sweet tooth, dried fruit is a great way to satisfy their cravings. Little raisin boxes are great for Halloween bags, or you can find small packets of dried apricots, peaches, lychees or apples.

Organic chocolate can be an alternative to sweets filled with corn syrup.Organic chocolate can be an alternative to sweets filled with corn syrup.

2. Organic Chocolate Bars
Moderate chocolate consumption can actually be good for you. Studies have shown that some chemicals found in chocolate are beneficial to the health of your brain cells and cerebral arteries. Your kids might not understand all that, but they'll be happy you're letting them indulge in some chocolaty goodness.

3. Animal Crackers
Individual packets of animal crackers work great for trick-or-treaters. Their packaging and serving size even blends in well with the sweeter treats. Plus, kids like the fun shapes.

4. Sugar-Free Gum
Like the preceding items on this list, sugar-free gum is an excellent substitute for sweet, sugary candy. It still gives kids something to chew on and it tastes good. Of course, this treat is only suitable for children over four years old.

Encourage your little animals to be active this season.Encourage your little animals to be active this season.

5. Temporary Tattoos
Not all Halloween treats have to be edible. Kids enjoy getting little gifts as well. Temporary tattoos can be fun additions to costumes, or just cool accessories for later. You can even get ones that glow in the dark for a little added spookiness.

6. Crayons
Small crayon packets or other drawing materials can be really enjoyable Halloween gifts. They will probably last longer than candy, too. Grab a couple different packs in various themes for boys and girls. These kinds of items may encourage kids to express their creativity, which is what Halloween is all about.