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What's the Difference Between an Activity Tracker and a Smartwatch?

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Is there space on your wrist for both? Do you have a good understanding about what either device offers? How do you know what to buy and whether it has everything you're looking for?

Adjusting to new technology can be tricky sometimes, but it's incredibly fun in the long run! Just 10 years ago, barely anyone knew what a smartphone was. Now, many people can't imagine life without one. The same thing is happening with smartwatches and activity trackers now. They're here for the long haul, so you should know the differences between the two before you get ready to buy.

What is an Activity Tracker?
This one is simple - the answer is right in its name! Activity trackers are built to keep track of your activity and report helpful health facts to you quickly and easily. Products like the nuyu™ Activity Tracker are made to achieve one very specific job: help you achieve your exercise goals.

With that narrow focus, it's easier to do the job really well. Activity trackers hone in on measurements like calories burned, steps taken, your sleep cycle and managing your weight.

Activity trackers are your gateway to feeling and performing better.Activity trackers are your gateway to feeling and performing better.

What's more, they're specially built to record that data easily and effectively. Instead of wearing a tracker on your wrist constantly, which can be agitating during some exercises, they can be clipped to your clothing or slipped into your pocket while still collecting all that helpful information. Instead of worrying about how delicate the machinery is, activity trackers are built to be durable and decently water resistant.

And activity trackers enjoy a few benefits for focusing on fewer tasks, too. They may send information wirelessly to an app on a constant basis, but they don't take calls or use your data, For that, you'll get a far longer battery life. Better yet, activity trackers are much less technical and delicate tools, so you'll often pay less to purchase one and maintain it.

What is a Smartwatch?
On the other hand - or wrist - there's the smartwatch. Think of it like the jack-of-all trades for tech-savvy users. They're not specifically built to measure health or fitness. In fact, they're not specifically built to achieve any finite goal. It's more about the vast number of things it can do. Surf the Web, take calls, tell the time, organize dozens of apps - they can do a lot.

Smartwatches make the tech side of your life easier.Smartwatches make the tech side of your life easier.

But not as much as your smartphone quite yet. Keep in mind that smartwatches are on the cutting room floor so to speak. They don't have as many apps as smartphones, and the devices themselves are largely in their first generation. Think back to the first smartphones that entered the market. In comparison to what's to come, these innovative devices are in their infant stages - a little clunky, and hard to use from time to time but unmistakably innovative and new-age.

In a way, smartwatches have tremendous potential, but they're rough around the edges right now. Nonetheless, the technology is cutting edge, and you'll have to pay a price for it. That could mean a price tag that's just several hundred dollars or a few thousand based on what you're looking for.

The Gist
If you put the two side-by-side, activity trackers and smartwatches really aren't that much alike. The smartwatch is for making your technology-driven life more convenient. The activity tracker is for driving better life through technology. One will help send emails and take calls quicker, while the other will help you feel better and run quicker.

If you only have room on your wrist for one, carefully consider your goals before taking the dive.