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4 Habits of the Best Multitaskers

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The scientific community has made a ruling: Multitasking actually isn't as productive as you might think. Humans are better off sticking with one task and doing it really well, than they are at juggling multiple things at once.

But when you're running a house, doing errands, taking care of the kids and trying to take care of yourself, what choice do you have? Short of adding some extra hours to your day, you'll have to multitask at some point, so what's the best way to do it?

1. Put One Task on Autopilot
Think back to the first time you rode a bike. You probably had to think a lot about your balance and pedaling and the road ahead simultaneously. That's a tall order for a first-timer. But, you inevitably got better. Now, riding a bike likely takes no effort at all. With practice, you put that skill on autopilot, but how can you apply that concept to everyday life? 

It's all about going through the motions. Once you practice one task enough, you'll streamline the thought that goes into completing it. In other words, save the multitasking for skills you're particularly good at. If you have to think carefully about a recipe you're making, don't talk on the phone at the same time.

2. Automate it
An alternative would be to take all the thought out of a task to begin with. Unfortunately, you're a far way away from having your daily chores completed by a machine like a family from "The Jetsons." But there are some high-tech helpers out there.

The nuyu™ Activity Tracker is one of them. This nifty fitness helper collects all the information about your daily activities so you don't have to. Record, store and analyze the amount of calories you burn, the steps you take and the sleep you get all in one simple place. Now, you can organize all the data on your journey toward feeling better without ever thinking about it. It's the most efficient kind of multitasking there is!

Your nuyu™ Activity Tracker records distances, calories and goals so you don't have to!Your nuyu™ Activity Tracker records distances, calories and goals so you don't have to!

3. Identify Bad Multitasking
Remember, just because you're doing two things at once doesn't mean you're using your time more effectively. A good example would be checking your email while you're catching up with a friend. It's not the most polite thing to do, and writing a professional email at a fast and furious pace is an easy way to make typos and grammatical errors.

Cut out those bad multitasking habits. Texting, surfing the Web on your smartphone, checking social media - it can all be saved for when you're not doing something important. 

4. Disconnect and Unwind
And after any day of multitasking, it's your duty to take a little time off when possible. Just 20 minutes of relaxation can do a tremendous amount of good. Put your devices aside, clear your head and stop juggling everything you needed to. You won't regret taking the breather.