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4 tasty 200-calorie snacks

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Your nuyu™ Activity Tracker will count how many calories you're burning every day. Now you need the other piece of the puzzle. You need to get an idea of how many calories you're eating! 

Don't let those food labels on your favorite snacks intimidate you. There are dozens of delicious, healthy snacks that are equal parts satisfying and energizing. The next time you're feeling hungry, put some spring in your step with these treats that are 200 calories or less.

1. Fresh Avocado on Whole Wheat Toast
Butter or peanut butter may be your ordinary breakfast go-to, but both are fairly high in calories. Two tablespoons of peanut butter will put you over that 200-calorie mark, and a pat of butter isn't the healthiest option.

Switch up your morning routine with some fresh avocado. It's tasty, filling and just as easy to spread across a piece of toast. Use one avocado half, a slice of whole wheat toast, some lemon juice and a little salt and pepper for taste.

2. Greek Yogurt with Fresh Berries

Make Greek yogurt with mixed berries and granola a regular treat.Make Greek yogurt with mixed berries and granola a regular, simple and delicious treat.

Ditch the frozen yogurt and start stocking up on Greek yogurt. What's so great about this snack? It's chock full of protein, low in fat and incredibly flavorful. What's more, unlike other low fat yogurts, Greek yogurt often doesn't have high fructose corn syrup. A 6-ounce portion of Greek yogurt typically has around 100 calories, which means there's plenty of room for some fresh berries to sweeten the deal. Add a half cup of raspberries or blueberries and a handful of granola for a snack with few calories and a lot of punch.

3. Fruit or Veggies with Dip
Creamy spinach and artichoke dip may sound like a good choice because it has veggies, but that's not always the case. Some restaurant appetizer dips can pack over 1,000 calories, which is why reading labels and asking questions is hugely important. 

If you want a sure thing, try these dips instead:

  • Hummus is only 25 calories per tablespoon
  • Peanut butter is 94 calories per tablespoon but is packed with protein
  • Almond butter is a peanut butter alternative with 95 calories per tablespoon 
  • Honey is 64 calories per tablespoon
  • Cottage cheese is about 14 calories per tablespoon.

Pair these dips with just about any fruit or veggie of your choosing for a light snack. Choose your favorite by the flavor combination. Apples and honey, peanut butter and celery, pineapple and cottage cheese, hummus and bell peppers or broccoli - take your pick and have at it!

4. Salad with Hard Boiled Egg

Hard boiled eggs can add a helpful shot of protein to your salad.Hard boiled eggs can add a helpful shot of protein to your salad.

Salad is a staple of most healthy diets, but you can add a lot of protein to the mix without sacrificing too many calories by adding hard boiled egg. A single large hard boiled egg contains about 78 calories and 6 grams of protein. Go light on the salad dressing and this can be a delicious and simple snack that will recharge you around lunch time. 

What should you use as a dressing? A little Greek yogurt, yellow mustard and honey whisked together makes a surprisingly tasty low-calorie dressing. Try it with the egg, mixed greens and halved cherry tomatoes.

There are plenty of low-calorie options, but you can indulge in the full-fat varieties if you use moderation. Read those labels and use your favorite dressing very sparingly.