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How Your Sleep Requirements Change With Age

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As we grow up, our needs change, and sleep is one such factor. As infants, we need a lot of sleep, but as adults entering middle age, it can seem like we only need a few hours a day. So what are the proper amounts of sleep for each stage of life - and what can we do to achieve those numbers?

Infants and Young Children
An infant needs roughly 16 to 20 hours of sleep each day. That might seem like a lot, especially for parents who are dealing with a baby that likes to wake in the middle of the night. But a baby's body is still developing, which means it needs plenty of rest. As the child grows up, the amount of sleep they need decreases, but it's still more than the sleep requirements of an adult. In fact, some toddlers still need around 12 hours of sleep each day.

Teenagers and Young Adults
Teenagers typically need around nine hours of sleep each night. Their bodies are undergoing changes that require a lot of rest. This may be one reason teens seems so angsty all the time. It's also during this period of life that people begin to experience problems sleeping. If these problems aren't dealt with, they could last a lifetime.

As we age, our sleep requirements change.As we age, our sleep requirements change.

Middle Age and Beyond
In your middle age, you'll probably need around eight hours of sleep a night, but it's often hard to get that much, especially if you're juggling your professional and personal life. About a quarter of Americans over age 50 report having trouble sleeping. As you get older, you might find that you have a harder time falling and staying asleep. The causes behind this are not well understood, which can make the problem even more difficult to deal with. For some people, a relaxing nighttime ritual is enough to send them to sleep more quickly. For others, it isn't so easy.

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As you get older, you may notice that you don't need as much sleep. That just gives you more time to enjoy life! It does help to be aware of how much sleep you need, as such knowledge can serve as a gauge for the quality of your sleep.