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How to Start a Fitness Routine

Some people can't get their day started without a sweat session, and other people may feel as if endorphins are a concept made up to convince you to work out. If you fall into the latter group, you've likely attempted to begin a fitness regimen, but have found yourself falling short because you genuinely don't get much enjoyment out of it. However, whether you have fun exercising or not, it's a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few effective ways to get yourself to start a fitness regimen this year, and stick with it:

Track your progress with the free nuyu app.Track your progress with the free nuyu® app.

Make a Plan
A concrete, specific plan. Just saying, "I want to exercise more" isn't going to motivate you to actually exercise more. Establish that you want to exercise a certain amount of times per week or that you want to learn to do a particular activity. Having a goal and a method of achieving it - however bare-bones it may be - is the ultimate way to keep yourself on track and allow this routine to become a part of your everyday life, rather than a fleeting idea that you forget about in a few weeks. Try enrolling in a class that'll keep you going, rather than leaving it up to you to teach yourself. This is a great way to not only try new things, but give you a little push that you may have been lacking before. You can also invest in a nuyu® Activity Tracker to put a number to your progress and help keep you motivated.

Keep Track
In addition to using your Activity Tracker, it's important to keep track of other factors that affect your workout. While numbers like steps taken and pounds lost are certainly important, they're not the only things you need to track. Try writing in a journal about how you're physically feeling before and after a workout, and even how you feel when you skip a day or two. Numbers don't affect how you're feeling, and your Activity Tracker has that covered. So use a classic method of record keeping and find out what makes you feel good and what doesn't. This will also help you recognize patterns. For example, you may find that you have more energy to exercise when you take a day off between fitness sessions, or you may find that you need to work out a certain amount of days in a row to keep up your steam. The key to ensuring success is to find out what works for you and what doesn't. This is a process that takes time to learn, which brings us to the next point.

Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself
One of the most common reasons that people stop their exercise routines is the fact that they slipped up once or twice. They may feel like they already failed, so what's the point in continuing? However, this thinking is completely counterintuitive to your goals. If you want to get to the gym three times a week, and stop exercising because you missed a few sessions, you're right back where you started. If you continue exercising and give yourself a little break once in a while, you're still exercising more than you did to begin with. Rather than focusing on the things you're not doing in relation to your new fitness routine, focus on the things you are doing. A little bit of positive thinking can go a long way!