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Sleep Well When Your Schedule Changes

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We all know the age-old advice regarding how to consistently get a good night's sleep: Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. However, that's simply not possible for many people. Luckily, there are still ways to get quality rest, despite the challenges you may face in sleeping adequately through the night.

Your bedroom should be a sleep haven.Your bedroom should be a sleep haven.

Simulate light and dark
Your body responds to light and dark during sleeping and waking. If you work a night shift and have to sleep during the day and wake up in the dark, try to simulate night and day by using light-blocking curtains and a light machine to wake you up. This will make it easier for your body to fall asleep and wake up naturally. 

Don't make sleeping more difficult
Dealing with a inconsistent sleep schedule is difficult enough as it is. Don't make it harder on yourself. Give yourself an hour or so to unwind before bed, no matter what time it is, and don't exercise or drink caffeine or anything else stimulating within a few hours of bedtime. Pay attention to factors that influence your sleep. Alcohol after dinner may help you fall asleep quicker, but do you spend the night tossing and turning? Does your phone nearby keep you overly alert as you try to sleep? Make sure to take note of factors that you can control and do your best to eliminate anything that makes sleeping more difficult.

Don't stay in bed if you can't sleep 
Tossing and turning does nothing but frustrate you. Looking at the clock every 20 minutes and mentally calculating how much sleep you'd get if you fall asleep right away stimulates your brain and makes it tougher to fall asleep. If you feel like rest isn't coming any time soon, get out of bed. Do something relaxing like knitting or reading a book and return to bed when you feel sufficiently sleepy. You may not get as much sleep, but the quality will be better.

Get out of bed if you can't sleep.Get out of bed if you can't sleep.

Your bedroom is for sleeping
Make your bedroom a haven for sleep. Make it dark, cool, clean and calm. Above all, don't hang out in there. Don't eat in your bed, don't watch TV in there, and definitely don't do any off-the-clock work in your room. You want your body to click into "sleep mode" when you enter the bedroom, and that won't happen if you do things besides sleep in there. Consider a nuyu™Sleep System, which uses temperature to keep you comfortable all night..

Don't nap
While taking a power nap can be tempting, it may cause you to stay up later, making it difficult to wake up for work the following day. If you can, skip the nap and try to through the rest of the day, go to sleep at a decent time, and wake up refreshed before you have to go to work again.

Try some sound
Many people are awoken in the night with noises like a clanking radiator or cars on the street. A great way to avoid being able to hear these noises at night is to fall asleep to another sound that will drown out disruptions. The humming of a humidifier or fan can do the trick, but if you want something a little different, try an ambient sound machine.