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How To Work Out With Your Dog

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Your furry friend can be the ultimate workout partner. Unlike your bipedal friends, you won't have to worry about your dog oversleeping or forgetting to pay their gym membership. In fact, a canine companion can actually keep you on schedule! By implementing a daily workout plan, your dog will start getting you up the morning with a wagging tail. This relationship is good for your health and your dog's health. Plus, you'll stay motivated to keep up with your regimen. Check out these ideas for getting a great workout with your pooch.

Daily Walk
A daily walk is a great way to start the day. It can energize you and keep you in shape. It will also help to regulate your sleep schedule and create a bond with your dog that will grow stronger every day. When you get up the morning, strap on your nuyu™ Activity Tracker, put your pooch on a leash, and head outside. Whether your daily ritual is a quick walk around the block or a prolonged jaunt through the neighborhood, the consistency is extremely important.

A daily walk will keep your fitness goals on track.A daily walk will keep your fitness goals on track.

Play on the Beach
If you live near a beach, it's the perfect place to exercise with your dog. You can play fetch with a ball or stick, romp around in the sand, or even go for a swim! Some dogs love to get in the water and play - so remember to bring a towel for each of you! Your nuyu™ Activity Tracker is water-resistant, so you can keep track of how many calories you've burned no matter where the fun takes you!

A game of Frisbee in the park is a great way to relax at the end of the day. You can even train your dog to jump through the air as it catches the flying disk. Unlike a normal game of fetch, dogs love follow the Frisbee as it soars above the ground. Playing in a big area also gives you more opportunity to run around and stay active.

Remember to stay hydrated!Remember to stay hydrated!

Cycling or Rollerblading
You might think that a bike ride is too fast for a dog, but canines really love to run as fast as they can. As long as you both rest when necessary and maintain a steady intake of water, a cycling or rollerblading trip around town can be a great workout. Your pooch might not get the opportunity to really show of his speed on a daily basis. Give him that opportunity, and you might be surprised just how well he keeps up with your bike.