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3 Psychological Tips to Stick with Your New Year's Resolution

Making new year's resolutions is easy, but sticking with them isn't. Sometimes it seems like it's the same story every year - you make a pledge to get more fit and actually commit to it for a few weeks. Then the excitement wears off a little, or you hit a plateau and things start to drag. Eventually, you find yourself not working out at all anymore, and your meals start lacking fruits and vegetables. By the time the holidays come around again, you're over indulging and you feel uncomfortable in your clothes...and then the cycle repeats.

So how can you really stick with your resolutions this year? Consider these three psychological tips to stay on track and achieve your fitness goals.

You're more likely to succeed if you can workout with a friend.You're more likely to succeed if you can workout with a friend.

1. Publicize
One of the best things you can do is make your resolutions public. At the end of the day the resolution is for you alone, but making it public - or at least telling your closest friends and family members, will help keep you accountable. The important thing to remember is that this isn't about getting shamed if you slip up, but rather about receiving comfort and support. For example, if you have trouble getting up in the morning and going to the gym, one of your fitness-minded friends can go with you. By supporting each other, you'll both be more likely to succeed.

2. Recognize Patterns
Recognizing patterns of behavior is a key psychological trick to maintaining your resolutions. For example, if you have a problem with eating too many sweets, try to recognize when these craving hit you the hardest, then make a plan for dealing with them. For instance, you might reach for the chocolates when you get stressed out. That's an easy pattern to recognize and an easy one to fix. The next time you get stressed out, you can reach for a comforting cup of herbal tea, or take a moment to meditate on the situation. Similarly, you make new patterns. Your nuyu™ Activity Tracker will help you keep on a sustainable workout schedule.

Always keep the end results in mind.Always keep the end results in mind.

3. Focus on the Positive
Always remember that it's not about what you're giving up, but about what you are gaining. Don't focus on the sugary treats, the cigarettes or the free time. Focus on the way you feel when you exercise or the way you will look in your new, slim pair of jeans. Framing your goals in a positive light will reinforce the good feelings and emotions about them. Eventually, you won't even think twice about the things you had to give up to fulfill your resolutions.