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How To Make Your Home Feel Like A B&B

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During the holidays, you probably have a lot of family coming to visit and some of them will be staying with you for multiple days. If you only have one guest room - or none at all - things could start to feel a little cramped. When that happens, people might feel a little claustrophobic and tempers could rise. However, with a few adjustments, you can turn "cramped" into "cozy."

Help all of your guests get a good night's sleep by following these easy steps.

1. Plan Ahead
You don't want to wait until your guests arrive  to prepare sleeping arrangements. Before everyone comes over, figure out how many guests will be spending the night and find a place for each of them to rest. If possible, each person should have some amount of privacy. Of course, a guest bedroom works best, but you can turn most rooms into an inviting sleeping area with the addition of a blow-up mattress, some soft pillows and warm blankets. When making your plan, be sensitive to people's special needs and place a few night lights around so your guests don't stumble in the unfamiliar halls.

2. Think Like a Bed and Breakfast Owner
If you've ever stayed at a bed and breakfast, you might have noticed that the experience is a little different than staying at a hotel. The main difference is the feeling of being at home. When you stay at a B&B, you get a nice, comfy bed, fresh towels and toiletries, and of course a big breakfast every morning. Before your guests arrive, lay out a few of comforting items such as a fluffy towel, a disposable toothbrush or a shaving kit. Your goal is to make them feel as if they never left the comfort of their own bedroom.

The nuyu Sleep System will help your guests sleep soundly through the night. The nuyu™ Sleep System will help your guests sleep soundly through the night.

3. Aim For Relaxation
It's just about making sure everyone fits in your house and has everything they need. You want your guests to leave your home feeling relaxed and refreshed. That starts with getting a good night's sleep every time their head touches the pillow. If you have someone staying over who has a lot of trouble falling asleep, consider putting the nuyu™ Sleep System in their bed. Even if they normally have trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar place, the sleep system will gently lull them to sleep. Just be careful, because they might want to take it home with them!