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Get Out From Behind Your Desk With These Exercises

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When you have a desk job that requires a lot of sitting during the day, it can be challenging to meet your daily step count. Even if you do have the time to exercise in the evening, it can be hard to find the energy or motivation. Nevertheless, it's very important to find little ways to sneak in some physical activity throughout the day. It will improve your mood and your energy levels and could even help your productivity.

Walking Around
Walking is an often overlooked form of exercise, but it's actually a great, low impact way to stay active. Use your nuyu® Activity Tracker to monitor your daily step count and track personal trends and goals. If you can't walk to work, then try walking to your favorite lunch spot at midday. You can also walk around your office when you've been sitting for a few hours. Oftentimes, a quick lap around the block will get your energy levels up and prepare you for another task. It even helps to clear your mind when you're working on a difficult problem.

Take a moment to stretch at your desk.Take a moment to stretch at your desk.

Stretch at Your Desk
It's important to stretch every day, even if you're not performing a high-energy exercise routine. When you're at your desk, stretch out your arms by raising your elbow and placing your hand behind your back. You can stretch your forearms by gently pulling your fingers back until you feel a tightness at your wrists. Also when you take a break from sitting to stretch your legs, you can, pull your feet up behind you to stretch your quadriceps. And if you start to feel a neckache during the day, roll your head slowly from side to side to ease the tension. 

Quick Cardio
Even a brief amount of cardio can be good for you. When you get to the office, forgo the elevator and take a quick jog up the stairs. It can help get your heart rate up and you'll feel more energized by the time you reach your desk. Depending on your office environment, you can even take a quick stationary jog at your cubicle. Just a minute or two is enough to reinvigorate your body and mind and get you ready for the next task. Plus, these steps count toward your daily goal!